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Money & Travel Solutions

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Leading Provider of

Money & Travel Solutions


Q. What is QTM?

 A. QTM is a registered Financial Services provider in the UK. QTM provides International Money transfer, Air Ticketing and  D2D Cargo services. QTM provides all major currency exchange services.

Q. How do I make transaction through QTM?

A. The customer can visit our office in person during the office hours. You can send the money through one of our designated staff during the office hours (Mon-Fri 09:30 – 19:00 and Sat 10:00 – 18:30)

Q. Do I need any proof of ID?

A. Yes, you have to provide a Valid Photo ID for all transactions (Send/Receive) of any amount.

1) Photo ID (i.e. Passport, Resident Card, Driving Licence, EU ID Card)
2) Any Utility bill within 3 months (i.e. Gas, Electricity, Water, Bank statement, etc.)

Q. How the beneficiary will receive the money?

A. The beneficiary must produce the valid photo ID and PIN to the designated bank’s branch or agent as proof of his/her ID and ask for payment. The beneficiary will receive the payment after verification.

Q. Can I make a transfer into any Bank of Pakistan?

A. Yes, You can send money into any personal bank account in the Pakistan. The funds will credited into the beneficiary account within 2-3 working days.

Note: You cannot send money into any Business or Commercial account in Pakistan due to the restriction from State Bank of Pakistan.

Q. Can I make a transfer into any Bank in any Country?

A. Yes, You can send money into any bank in the world, other than the restriction implies by the local authority,  and the payment will be reached into the beneficiary account into 3-5 working days.

Q. What fee I have to pay for each transaction?

A. QTM currently charge a £3.00 fee for each transaction, if the amount is £200 or less (excluding charges), for Pakistan. The charges for other country may vary, for current exchange rates and charges please contact us 0208 911 8050 or

Q. How quick my money will arrive in the Pakistan?

A. We have two remit options in the Pakistan:

1-Send Now Receive Now: The urgent payment can be received within five minutes at most of the payment stations in the Pakistan.

2-Next Day payment: Normally, all normal payments made next working day into the Pakistan.

Note: All urgent payments will be paid into the designated country during the office hours only.

Q. How can I make a payment?

A. All registered customers can pay cash at QTM’s counter into the main office during the office hours. We accept payments by Debit and Credit Cards. If you are are a registered customer and you are not local; you can make deposit or transfer online directly into Quick Travel & Money account. Please contact us for company’s account details by calling tel: 0208 911 8050 or fax: 0208 588 1490 or Email:

Q. Can I make payment by Debit or Credit Card?

A. Yes, we accept all major Debit and Credit Cards payments.

Q. Is my money is safe and secure?

A. Yes, QTM is a reputable Financial company in the UK. We can assure that your money is 100%  safe and secure. Also your money will safely and securely delivered to the required destination.

Q. Is my personal information are protected?

A. Yes, all your information are safe & confidential according to the Data Protection Act 1998. We do not disclose any information to the third party.

Q. Do you offer Business Transactions?

A. Yes, we provide funds transfer services to our business clients. All clients must need register with us as a business client. You have to provide copy of  1) – Incorporation Certificate,  2) – Business Tax Number, 3) – Business Proof of address, 4) – Photo ID’s of all directors.

Q. How to become a QTM agent?

A. If you want to become an authorised Agent of QTM then you have to rovide the following documents:
(1) – A copy of valid MLR registration with HM Customs and Excise.
(2) – Proof of your personal identification (i.e. Passport or UK Driving Licence &  Valid Visa) and Proof of business address (i.e. any Utility Bill)

Note: If you are a Limited company we will also need a copy of your incorporation certificate, Atricle of Memorandum, Certificate of Shares and commercial utility bill for the business premises showing the company name on it.

Q. In which Bank account I need to make deposit of Customers Money?

A. All monies should be deposited into Quick Travel & Money Exchange Ltd account by 3.00  P.M. on the day they are received. For accounts details please contact us 02089118050 or

Q. What will be happen, if my trasaction has been refused?

A. QTM reserves the right all the times to refuse or stop to process any transaction at any stage, which it is believes in its sole discretion, is connected to drugs activity, terrorist activity or any other unlawful puropse.

Q. What are the office opening and closing timings?

A. Our office opening and closing timings are

Monday  to Friday : 09:30 – 19:00

Saturday                 : 10:00 – 18:30
Sunday                    : Closed

Q. If I still would like to enquire some more information to whom I should contact?

A. Please feel free for any kind of enquiry. You can contact any member of staff during the office timings. You can send the enquiry through our website’s contact us form or by email or fax 02085881490.